Saturday, December 31, 2016

Toad 4 Sale

I am selling Toad, my great boat. I will be downsizing to Toad3.0.

She has just been completely refitted — engine redone and totally cleaned up. She's a 2002 21-foot Seaswirl/Striper with a 5.0-liter Volvo inboard/outboard.

The last time I ran with her, we did 32 knots over 8 miles from Patrick's Point to Trinidad Harbor. She can go 50 miles out for tuna, or up to Redding Rock for ling, or sit bobbing off the second splash for bottom fish, or out at 285 feet, waiting for halibut.

Call mechanic Jim Sharp in Brookings, 541-469-1027, about her condition and upkeep.

If interested, give me a call @ 1-707-677-5222. I want $20K, but we'll dicker.

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