Saturday, December 25, 2010


The Fisherman’s Memorial above the harbor at Trinidad, California, the last anchorage on the far-northern Redwood Coast before Crescent City and Oregon. On the southern horizon are the lights of crab fishermen, taking one last cut at the winter harvest before a Christmas storm. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Eager Morning

Christmas Eve sunrise above the Fisherman’s Memorial in Trinidad, California. (©Ted Pease 2010)


Brenda celebrates daughter Tammy’s 40-somethingth birthday, Christmas Eve, 2010.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Two Mornings

What a difference a day makes, from frigid inversion blanketing the Cache Valley . . .

. . . to a rosy December sunrise reflecting pink on the winter fog. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mountain Marsh

The last warm day of October on Cutler Marsh. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Red Tree

Autumn tree. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Mendon Mirror

Mendon Peak doubles up in Cutler Marsh. (©Ted Pease 2010)


Trees quiver as October gives way to winter on the Wellsvilles. (©Ted Pease 2010)


October dusting on the Wellsvilles. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Plymouth Peak

Fading fall fields frame Plymouth Peak north of Malad, Utah. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Bronze Hills

Fields lie ready for winter as the last of the Wellsvilles’ leaves fade. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Wellsville Range Dusting

October snow on Mendon Peak. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Autumn Sky

Clouds and October snow descend over Cache Valley’s Bear River Range. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Darkening Field

Clouds collect over Petersboro field. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scenes from Antelope Island

Bison—more than 600 of them—wander Antelope Island . . .

. . . and miles of trails criss-cross the island, rising more than 2,000 feet above . . .

. . . the Great Salt Lake. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Salt Lake

Morning over the Great Salt Lake. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Hikin’ Fool

Brenda on Buffalo Point on Antelope Island . . .

. . . climbing 1,000 feet toward Dooly Knob . . .

. . . on a summer-like October afternoon. (©Ted Pease 2010)


Waterfowl near the Antelope causeway in the Great Salt Lake. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Antelope Island

Antelope Island, the largest in the Great Salt Lake—28,000+ acres. (©Ted Pease 2010)


The Antelope Island causeway across nine miles of the Great Salt Lake. (©Ted Pease 2010)


Hundreds of waterfowl on the north side of the Antelope Island causeway in the Great Salt Lake. What do they eat—brine shrimp? (©Ted Pease 2010)

Salty Vista

The view from Buffalo Point on the north end of Antelope Island, looking south over a hazy Great Salt Lake. It is a pretty great lake, really. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Look Out!

Brenda on an Antelope Island crag 500' above the Great Salt Lake. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Salt Flats

The Antelope Island causeway extends nine miles into the Great Salt Lake, which is pretty low this time of year. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Where the Buffalo Roam...

Bison, actually. Antelope Island, in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, has a 600-head herd, one of the largest on public lands in the U.S. (says the brochure). (©Ted Pease 2010)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us!

In honor of the day in 1991 that Brenda made a (sort of ) honest man of Ted, hitched in a bar on an island in Lake Champlain by a Twins-loving Justice of the Peace as Anita Hill discussed Clarence Thomas. What an extravanganza! See this column.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sardine Canyon #5

Fall reddens the Wellsville Range in Sardine Canyon. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Good Evening

A quiet Northern Utah sunset. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Salmon Sky

September’s setting sun burns the clouds red above the Wellsville Range in Northern Utah. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Red at Night

The September sunset is so brilliant that it reddens all of Cache Valley as night falls in Northern Utah. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Baby Buck

A young buck, frozen in silhouette, on his way past our back yard. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Morning Rabbitbush

Rabbitbush and sagebrush bloom as Fall descends in the Wellsvilles of Northern Utah. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Sardine Canyon #8

Morning comes to the Wellsvilles and Hwy. 91/89 across Dry Lake. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Sardine Canyon #4

Blue morning dusk hangs on as September sunrise strikes the Wellvilles. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Wellsville Breaks

Sunrise over Wellsville Canyon, Utah. (©Ted Pease 2010)