Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pier Morning

December sunrise over the venerable Trinidad Harbor pier. (©Ted Pease 2011)

Beach Snacks

Nothing like a nice kelp. (©Ted Pease 2011)

Winter Harbor

(©Ted Pease 2011)

Morning Fluff

Sunrise above Trinidad Bay, Northern California. (©Ted Pease 2011)


You see some weird things on the beach after a winter storm. (©Ted Pease 2010)


Sadie is ever-vigilant. (©Ted Pease 2011)

Green Swirls

Sea grass tangles at low tide. (©Ted Pease 2011)

Pacific Kiss

The Pacific rolls into Trinidad State Beach. (©Ted Pease 2011)


The morning sun illuminates a spout from the blowhole on the outside of Pewetole Rock. (©Ted Pease 2011)


A gull floats over the Humboldt County coast on the first day of 2011. (©Ted Pease 2011)

Weed Rocks

Surf swirls around weedy rocks at low tide on Home Beach, Humboldt County, California. (©Ted Pease 2011)

Winter Beach

Winter beach in black & white. (©Ted Pease 2011)