Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

Waving Fields of Grain

Wheat fields unfolding. (©Ted Pease 2008)

Wet Dog

Lulu the Houda Beach dog. (©Ted Pease 2007)

Country Road

Access road climbs into the Wellsville Mountains in autumn. (©Ted Pease 2008)

Autumn Range

Autumn colors tinge the Wellsville Range. (©Ted Pease 2008)

Sleepy Owl

Baby great horned owl snoozing. See story here. (©Ted Pease 2008)

Alkaline Hounds

Alkaline fields in what used to be the Bonneville seabed. (©Ted Pease 2008)

Fall Morning Over the Wellsvilles

Morning mist clears over Mendon Peak and the Wellsville Range. (©Ted Pease 2008)