Wednesday, October 28, 2015

’Yakkin’ Around

Seafaring derring-do as Team CooPeasian takes to small, plastic boats . . .
. . . at Stone Lagoon with Kayak Zack.
It was a long time coming, but though nervous, Brenda took to it . . .
. . . like a, well, a kayak to water.
Complete with lunch break with Marna and Michael on the spit.

We’ll do it again.

Flood Tide!

“King” tides and a big westerly surge combine to overrun Trinidad State beach . . .
. . . as Stella explores the sea foam flooding the usual high tide rocks at Mill Creek.

Friday, October 2, 2015


Today is brought to us by the number 68 — as in the number of minutes crazy Brenda ran to celebrate her birthday of the same number.

Creepy Paul

Siblings practice their awkward standing for a photo in front of creepy Paul Bunyan at the Trees of Mystery in Klamath. “You want to sit on my boot?”

Battery Point Light

The lighthouse at Battery Point in Crescent City, where cousin Sally once served as lighthouse keeper.