Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great Horned Owl

Woody the Owl

A young Great Horned Owl appeared in our yard Saturday.

It was acting a little weird: hanging around the yard in daylight, didn’t seem to mind us and the dogs ogling. Over the next couple of days, it was on the ground and sat on bottom rail of the fence.

Since we were just back from the funeral of Brenda’s dad, we started calling it Woody after dad (and brother). Lakota Indians and others believe that the spirits of the dear-departed reside in owls, visit us and then are transported on. That’s a nice thought.

So we are sad to report that Woody the Owl has gone on, too. He was acting funny this morning, sleepy and had trouble flying. So we called the state Wildlife people; the nice deputy who came picked Woody up easily, and determined that he was ailing—didn’t resist at all, and her eyes were closing and head was lolling as the ranger held her. A beautiful thing, who has come and gone. We honor him. See other pix here and here. (©Ted Pease 2008)