Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sardine Canyon #5

Fall reddens the Wellsville Range in Sardine Canyon. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Good Evening

A quiet Northern Utah sunset. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Salmon Sky

September’s setting sun burns the clouds red above the Wellsville Range in Northern Utah. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Red at Night

The September sunset is so brilliant that it reddens all of Cache Valley as night falls in Northern Utah. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Baby Buck

A young buck, frozen in silhouette, on his way past our back yard. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Morning Rabbitbush

Rabbitbush and sagebrush bloom as Fall descends in the Wellsvilles of Northern Utah. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Sardine Canyon #8

Morning comes to the Wellsvilles and Hwy. 91/89 across Dry Lake. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Sardine Canyon #4

Blue morning dusk hangs on as September sunrise strikes the Wellvilles. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Wellsville Breaks

Sunrise over Wellsville Canyon, Utah. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trumps’ Waterfall

(©Ted Pease 2010)


(©Ted Pease 2010)


Sadie in a rare contemplative moment beside the Little River. (©Ted Pease 2010)


Banana slugs speed across the Humboldt coast. (©Ted Pease 2010)

College Cove

Lulu cruises College Cove. (©Ted Pease 2010)


(©Ted Pease 2010)

Mussel Beach

(©Ted Pease 2010)


(©Ted Pease 2010)


This is where little slugs come from.... (Casey van Alten Photo 2010)

Foggy Dog Frolic

Sadie & Lulu on a foggy Houda Beach. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Low Bridge

(©Ted Pease 2010)


Sand textures College Cove beach. (©Ted Pease 2010)


Fog lingers above Trinidad Head. (©Ted Pease 2010)