Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saltwater Farm

Life on Arcata Bottoms.

Home Improvements

A fixer-upper on the Arcata Bottoms features a lichen garden . . .
. . . a view with no room . . .
. . . and the simplicity of rural peace and privacy. (©Ted Pease 2012)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Arcata Scenes

“Invasion from Planet C” at 6:30. What’s not to like?
The royal palms of Arcata Plaza frame William McKinley on July 4th.

Boat Grrrls

Brenda on lookout about the Mighty Toad.
Seadogs—The grrls on a little cruise around Trinidad Head.
Sadie’s ready to go in Trinidad Harbor.
Sadie wonders if she can get to those birds....

Pacific Sunset

End-of-Day—Brenda and Sadie on the bluff.
Sunset over Pewetole Island and Grandmother Rock as Mill Creek reaches the sea at Trinidad State Beach.
Quiet evening on the west edge of the country.


A quiet, foggy morning on Home Beach, Trinidad.

Smoked Salmon

The finished product: That’ll eat good.
After brining overnight and 10 hours of smoking.
Casey builds the racks.
Ready for the smoker.

Salmon Derby

For about 10 minutes on July 6, Toad owned the Salmon Derby. Then the 21.8-pounder arrived.
Toad’s first two chinook of the 2012 season. Small (10-12 lbs.) but tasty.
A boy and his fish.
Lovely tail.

Snow Sea

The Pacific reflects a grey sky as Orca hunts for chinook. ©Ted Pease 2012