Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cutler Marsh to Mendon Peak

Late-summer sunflowers frame the Wellsville Range reflecting in Cutler Marsh. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poop Poop! I’m Toad!

Cap’n Toad speeds eight miles out to sea after the wily halibut. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Sweetpea Dew

(©Ted Pease 2009)

Murres in Flight

A gaggle of common murres speed past en route to lunch. (©Ted Pease 2009)


(©Ted Pease 2009)


Lulu puts her feet up. (©Ted Pease 2009)

What’s for Supper?

A pair of rockcod and a small halibut await fileting. (©Ted Pease 2009)

North Coast Haze

Seabirds swoop past Northern California seastacks in morning fog. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Fang & Aunt Agnes

Fang the Wonder Cat patrols the yard, as the intrepid Aunt Agnes awaits her next voyage. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Wet Wandering

The peace of a morning beach on Trinidad Harbor. (©Ted Pease 2009)


A voracious ruby-headed hummer stops for a snack. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Gerry & Melody

Best neighbors ever—Gerry & Melody Hamilton on Mill Creek Lane. (©Ted Pease 2009)


The girls after a morning run on Indian Home Beach. Finest kind. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Runnin’ Fool

Lulu wonders why her mom is running up and down on Indian Home Beach. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Final Meander

Mill Creek meanders a final 100 yards across Trinidad State Beach in its journey into the Pacific. (©Ted Pease 2009)


A sea anemone colony filters a tidal pool. (©Ted Pease 2009)