Tuesday, October 6, 2009


An abandoned swather squats in tall grass as winter peers over the Wellsvilles. (©Ted Pease 2009)


Lulu and Sadie on an October morning poopwalk below the Wellsvilles. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Fog in the Valley

A cold morning inversion fills Cache Valley with ice fog. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lowering Sky

Northern Utah’s high sky lowers as fall approaches. (©Ted Pease, 2009) (And that’s Brenda coming home in Bubba, the ancient Explorer)


We woke to snow yesterday—Sept. 30, 2009. Sheesh. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Fall Field

The patterns of fall in farmland. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Happy Natal Day

Saturday is Brenda’s birthday. Always a happy day for me. (©Ted Pease, 2007)

Trinidad friends send this:

Ode To Brenda
By Melody Hamilton

There she goes, that gal across the road,
running after her sweetie’s Toad.

Dogs on leashes, jogging shoes flyin’,
she’ll get to the beach while he’s still untyin’.

She’ll wave and send him a gleeful shout.
She’ll still be runnin’ when his boat’s worn out.

Yoga, veggies—she doesn’t eat much cake.
We only have to guess what wishes to make.

Brenda’s Birthday’s here!

Amazing Woman, nothing to hide.
We send lovely dreams of the Surf and the Tide.

and hugs, M, G and C across the lane

This Morning

Morningstar above Logan, Utah. (©Ted Pease, 2009)


The same field, different days. (©Ted Pease, 2007&2009)


The first snowday of F2009—Sept. 30. (©Ted Pease 2009)