Friday, June 8, 2018


Sparkle the Flying Horse.

Lobstah Roll

The Lobster Roll treks from Lowell, Mass., to the 2018 Kinetic Race.


Bald Hills, Redwood National Park.

Foggy Lupine

The Bald Hills lupine fields on a wet day.
It was quite a slog.


Bald Hills

A wonderful panorama of Bald Hills and the 2018 lupine fields.

Houda Cave

Houda cave dweller.


Luffenholtz Creek meanders across the beach to the sea. Pretty nice.

Tiny Crab

Surf’s So-So

A Humboldty morning at Moonstone.

Saturday, October 28, 2017


Hair-raising. Happy 26th anniversary to us, Elk Head.

Elk X-ing

Hooligans. A gang of elk in the 7 a.m. fog try out their “Watch for Elk Crossing” sign on newly repaved Hwy. 101 near Dry Lagoon.