Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lulu’s Feet

Feet pile up as Lulu naps (©Ted Pease 2004)

Jellyfish Dog

Lulu hurtles over a beach strewn with jellyfish (©Ted Pease 2004)

The Snag

The redwood snag at 446 Mill Creek (©Ted Pease 2007)


Fiddleheads unfurling (©Ted Pease 2006)


Water beads on a nasturium leaf (©Ted Pease 2006)

Jumpin’ Jack at the Float

Fishermen gather at sunrise aboard the Jumpin’ Jack (©Ted Pease 2004)

Christmas 2003

A freezing Christmas card (©Ted Pease 2003)

Eureka Crab Boats

Eureka Crab Boats (©Ted Pease 2004)


Brenda and Lulu reflected on Clam beach (©Ted Pease 2003)

Clam Beachgirl

Hiking with gulls on Clam Beach (©Ted Pease 2003)

Winter Hound

Sadie courses over the snowfields below Mendon Peak (©Ted Pease 2008)

Hens & Chickens

Hens & Chickens (©Ted Pease 2007)

August Sunrise

Sunrise Over the Bear River Range, Cache Valley, Utah (©Ted Pease 2004)

Winter Sky Over Cutler Marsh

November Skies and the Wellsville Range Reflect in Cutler Marsh (©Ted Pease 2003)

Cache Valley Pool

Reflections in a Cache Valley Pool (©Ted Pease 2008)

Wellsville Fields

October Stubble Below the Wellsville Range, Cache Valley, Utah (©Ted Pease 2004)

Battery Point Lighthouse

Battery Point Lighthouse, Crescent City, California (©Ted Pease 2004)

Sadie Lou Smile

Sadie and Brenda on Home Beach (©Ted Pease 2008)

Winter on the Bear River Range

The Bear River Range reflected in Cutler Marsh, Cache Valley, Utah (©Ted Pease 2003)

White Iris

White Iris (©Ted Pease 2003)