Saturday, February 26, 2011


Crazed hound of winter... (©Ted Pease 2011)

The Hunt Is On!

Sadie courses through fresh powder after the imaginary hare. (©Ted Pease 2011)

Plow On

The dogs explore the new snow after a late February storm. (©Ted Pease 2011)


Continuity is the serpentine belt on an abandoned swather. (©Ted Pease 2011)

Snowmist Morning

Mendon Peak emerges on the morning after a late February blizzard, fresh and clean. (©Ted Pease 2011)

Fresh Snow

The hounds love fresh snow . . .

. . . as the sunrise struggles through, creating a fleeting “snowbow” . . .

. . . over 16 inches of new powder. (©Ted Pease 2011)