Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Darkening Days

Fall coming, October 2009. (©Ted Pease, 2009)

Descending Snowline

October snow creeps down the Bear River Range into Cache Valley. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Deck Doctors

Between them, Dr. Mark Damen, professor of classics, and Dr. Ted Pease, professor of journalism, have much too much education. They figured out how to rebuild the deck railing anyway without losing any important body parts.

Burnished Fall Field

Wintry clouds close in on golden fall field. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Golden Morning

Warm sky on a chill November morning. (©Ted Pease 2009)

New Fall Field

Newly seeded field, Petersboro. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Red at Morning . . .

. . . sailors take warning? (©Ted Pease 2009)


Feathery salmon clouds at dawn. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Blue & Pink

A rosy November morning over northern Utah. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Autumn Tree

A lonely and leafless scrub awaits winter in northern Utah. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Closing Sky

November skies close down over autumn fields. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Cutler Marsh

Cutler Marsh captures Mendon Peak on a November morning. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Wellsville Reflections

The Wellsville Range mirrored in a polished Cutler Marsh. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Fall Beneath Mendon Peak

Fields are autumn-brown as November opens. (©Ted Pease 2009)


The crops are in and fields plowed on the first day on November. (©Ted Pease 2009)
(Three weeks later, the season changes into Snow Contours.)

November Sky

A pair of stray cows wander the fall fields. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Runnin’ Too Far from the Beach

It ain’t the beach, but a runnin’ fool’s gotta make do. (©Ted Pease 2009)


Brenda and the hounds on a sunny Sunday hike as November closes in. (©Ted Pease 2009)