Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crabpot Christmas

Christmas Morning

Carson Mansion, Eureka Waterfront

Trinidad Fisherman’s Memorial

Trinidad Bed & Breakfast

Sunset Over Eureka Bay

Trinidad, California

CG Humboldt Bay

Kudos and thanks to the crew of the Coast Guard motor lifeboat Humboldt Bay, which scrambled out of Eureka, Calif., in 12-foot seas to respond to a mayday from the 38-foot crabber Wind Rose. An electrical malfunction blew smoke through the engine compartment and killed the engine and all electronics as Wind Rose, skippered by Capt. Jim Gullett with four crew aboard (including me), pulled crab pots less than a mile off the Eureka breakwater. The Coasties came and got us, towed Wind Rose back into harbor in a pretty exciting following sea. Life on the Pacific coast in winter. (©Ted Pease 2011)