Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pampas Grass

Sunrise lights the pampas grass above the Trinidad Pier. (©Ted Pease 2009)


Barefoot in December is good. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Bright Day

December sunrise lights the Trinidad pier. (©Ted Pease 2009)

Trinidad Memorial

. . . above an empty December harbor. (©Ted Pease 2009)


Seastacks line the Humboldt Coast. (©Ted Pease 2009)

This Is My Idea of December

Girls on the beach. (©Ted Pease 2009)


After the ice fog lifts. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Tree Fog

Some crazy runners will go out in any weather. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Foggy Farm

Farm shed hut lurks in ice fog. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Frosty Dog

(©Ted Pease 2010)

Winter Wonderland

Lulu’s wondering why the heck we’re outside. (©Ted Pease 2010)

White Tree, Blue Sky

(©Ted Pease 2010)

Still Life

(©Ted Pease 2010)

Inversion Recedes

The ice fog finally breaks into dazzling winterscape. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Frost Road

Frost-covered limbs after the ice fog. (©Ted Pease 2010)

Ice Fog Morning

Morning ice fog melting. (©Ted Pease 2010)