Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kinetic Sculpture Race 2014

FOR THE GLORY! That’s the cry of the hundreds of whacko contestants, their support staffs, organizers and a Plaza-full of celebrants of the umpteenth annual Kinetic Sculpture Race in Arcata, Calif. The high-brow social high point of the season, presided over by the Rutabaga Queen and scores of costumed and bribe-able race “officials,” is a cultural, artistic and athletic extravaganza of chaos and insanity that perfectly reflects Humboldt County culture. After this blast-off at the noon whistle from the Plaza in Arcata, dozens of hand-crafted, human-powered wheeled sculptures head off on a three-day, 22-plus-mile trek over country roads, wallowing sand dunes, Humboldt Bay and other obstacles—mechanical, natural and, in some cases, chemical—to celebrate the insanity and creativity of the human spirit.

The pilot of the Blue Oyster Cult’s entry.

The Kinetic Band adds a little class to the event.

Fans of all species look on... 

Ready to bug out.

The class of the class—Cinderella’s Steam Pump.

Nanno nanno?

Blue Oyster Cult’s pilot checks strategy via shell phone...
Do pigs fly? And how will it traverse dunes at Manila and the chill waters of Humboldt Bay?

Rat Bastard.

Kinetic law enforcement conduct rigorous pre-race safety and bribery checks.
Tut tut.
Forecasting winners.

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