Sunday, May 22, 2011

Farmers Market Day

The weekly Farmers Market on the Plaza in Arcata is a beloved Saturday morning staple. And what better place to spend the day in May when all good people will be called home? Talk about The Rapture!

Produce from Humboldt Bay.

Rapturous face.

Local farmers’ produce, plants, veggie starts, blooming things, honey and greens.

The Rapture! A crazed Humboldt elf frolics on the Arcata Plaza.

Friend Bruce Johnson, on bass, performs with the Compost Mountain Boys.

The produce at the Arcata Market is as much social as mercantile.

The Poem Lady will write original version-on-demand. Your Topic, Your Price.

The Sombrero Ladies sell tickets to win a fabulous vacation, to benefit local causes.

Saechao Farm in Fortuna is our favorite for strawberries.

The Plaza’s own gardens frame and echo the Saturday morning produce stands.

Giant palms frame William McKinley, an American warmonger who inexplicably stands in the center of pacifist Arcata.

Photos ©Ted Pease 2011


Garden Stories said...

These are wonderful - I am sending them to my east coast friends to make them jealous. Mary

Anonymous said...

My friend Karen (one of the sombrero ladies) send me the link all the way to London, England. We love Arcata and wish we could be there more often, especially for your fabulous Farmers' Market. Well done Arcata!!!